And Now, This Breaking News Report on Something

“ANCHOR: Now, this breaking news. Something has reportedly happened. Details are sketchy, and we really don’t have any idea of what it might be, but let’s show these impressive aerial shots from our helicopter. Now let’s go to our correspondent in the field to tell us that he doesn’t know anything. Bob? ” Howard Troxler —And Now, This Breaking News Report on SomethingSt. Petersburg Times)

Say Hello to Sanjeep, Er, Sam

“More than 30,000 employees at Indian call centers, among whom Radhika becomes Ruth and Satish becomes Steve, are told to adopt American names and say they are calling from a U.S. city in order to put their American customers at ease. Their training includes a smattering of U.S. history and geography, along with speech therapy so that they will sound ‘American.’ Some call centers are adorned with American flags to…

Fire at Will

“When the question period came, he started with the first of the four large men. ‘You say the probate records show very few guns, and argue that this proves people in early America didn’t have guns. But when my father died, there was nothing in his will about his guns… Are probate records really a good source of evidence on gun ownership?’ “Bellesiles answered, ‘I’m sure you’re right about your…

Google Sued by Search Optimism Company

“Google Inc has been sued by a search engine optimization company, which claims Google deliberately altered its ranking when it realized the SEO company was competing with it.” —Google Sued by Search Optimism CompanyThe Register) Note the reference to “optimism” in the title… Optimism leads me to hope that The Resister will one day optimize its proofreading process.