CNN Sucks

“CNN sucks. It’s not even news anymore; it’s entertainment. I was trying to watch the news the other day when I decided to turn on CNN and 45 minutes later I came away with the following facts:

  1. Actress Winona Ryder has been charged with shop lifting.
  2. It’s shark week on the Discovery Channel.
  3. The world consists of America and Iraq.
  4. President Bush is still an idiot.
  5. The Rolling Stones are on tour.

This is news?” Maddox

CNN SucksMaddox)

When was television ever news? George Garrett (award-winning historical novelist, former poet-laureate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and co-screenwriter of Frankenstein vs. the Space Monster) once said during a lecture: “It’s not about art. It’s not about entertainment. Television is about advertising.”