How To Build Lame Web Sites

“So far, however, I have not seen a book that explains how to build crummy, dysfunctional Web sites that chase away customers and produce no useful results. Of course, there is no shortage of sites of this kind out there, but until now there has never been a systematic, comprehensive guide to how to create and maintain them. ” Charlie Morris

How To Build Lame Web SitesWeb Developer’s Journal)

The tone of the above article is great for “preaching to the choir,” but a person who is inexperienced enough to make these mistakes will likely be offended by the tone. I tried a similar tone when I wrote a critique of the journal Kairos. While it was fun to write, and my advanced students enjoy reading it, I wouldn’t use it to instruct the audience that really needs to get the message. Personally I’d love to have somebody do a thorough critique of my pages, so that I’d have a chance to learn from the experience and perhaps even implement some of the resulting suggestions.