A Visit with a Digital Architect

“The overriding principles were of simplicity and speed, oft-expressed in the maxim ”the story is the star.’ Anything that would distract from that, either in terms of the attention a member of editorial staff would be able to give it, or the attention a user would give it, was pretty ruthlessly discarded. The other thing that worked well was being able to say ‘oh sh*t’ and call attention to when we were off-target without fear of censure. Often in a big important project, the momentum and pressure can make people stay quiet, even if they think bad decisions are being made.” Matt Jones gives an interview to Rusty Foster

A Visit with a Digital ArchitectOnline Journalism Review)

If a designer is a barefoot, goatee-wearing cyber-visionary, and a corporate engineer is a cubicle-dwelling, tie-wearing number-cruncher, then an information architect is a guy who wears both a suit jacket and a pony tail, or maybe a tie and an earring.

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