The Myth of 800 x 600

“Developing fixed-size Web pages is a fundamentally flawed practice. Not only does it result in Web pages that remain at a constant size regardless of the user’s browser size, but it fails to take advantage of the medium’s flexibility. Nonetheless, Web site creators continue to develop fixed pages.” James Kalbach —The Myth of 800 x 600WebReview)

Higher Superstition Revisited: An Interview with Norman Levitt

“The book describes a bizarre situation in American universities in which academics in various (mostly new-minted) fields such as Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, and Science Studies, plus a few more familiar ones such as Sociology, Comparative Literature and the like, make a career of writing about science without taking the trouble to know anything about it.” Ophelia Benson interviews one of the co-authors of Higher Superstition (1994). —Higher Superstition Revisited:…