I'm Living in the Future

“The future is now. My pocket video camera stores hundreds of images on a single plastic stick of gum. My mobile phone means I’m reachable virtually anywhere I go. I have hundreds of digital TV channels beamed to me from space. I can communicate with millions of people in one go through this weblog – (I wish). Many diseases and illnesses can be cured today. I can look at the face of my unborn child. My car talks to me and prevents me from getting lost. My money is mostly electronic 1’s and 0’s. Mostly 0’s. My pocket computer can playback entire movies. I can walk around my house and garden surfing the net without wires to hold me back. My kettle filters its water before boiling it. I’ve spoken to you many times but we’ve never met. I’m living in the future I used to dream about when I was a kid.” Gary TurnerI’m Living in the FutureGary Turner’s Weblog)