Lomborg Responds to Dishonesty Accusations

“The main conclusion by DCSD [Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty] finds that my book is ‘clearly contrary to the standards of good scientific practice’ because of systematically biased selection of data and arguments. But since the DCSD has neglected to take their position on the technical scientific disputes their conclusions are completely unfounded. The DCSD does not give a single example to demonstrate their claim of a biased choice of data and arguments. Consequently, I don’t understand this ruling. It equals an accusation without defining the crime.” Bjørn Lomborg

Lomborg Responds to Dishonesty AccusationsLomborg.com)

Lomborg ran afoul of traditional eco-scientific interpretations of data involving the global environment. I am not an expert in the matter, but I was troubled to read of what appears to be an ad-hominem attack by members of the scientific community on Lomborg. This is Lomborg’s response to being censured for his book The Sceptical Environmentalist.