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“Why is this a hobby horse of mine? Largely because I’ve been trying to promote the idea that games are an artform since I was a teenager, when I first started designing them professionally. Also because the rest of the world, both inside and outside the game industry, is starting to realize the validity of the idea–with increasing academic attention to games, increasing press coverage of them, and an increasing interest among game developers in thinking about design on a theoretical level. And finally, because so much nonsense is written about games that I think there needs to be a venue for a viewpoint that both values games and realizes their limitations–and the often stringent limitations of the sometimes soul-crushing engine we call the games industry.” Greg Costikyan

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Another comment from Costikyan: “Games are art. Most of them are bad art, to be sure.” See also Costikyan’s “I Have No Words and I Must Design. BTW, it was pretty easy figuring out which categories to use when I posted this entry.