Vonnegut at 80

Cranky avant-garde novelist Kurt Vonnegut on George W. Bush: “He’s in the same business I’m in. He’s telling stories. It turns out this is the simplest of all stories to tell. I mean, I want to hold attention when I write something. What he wants to be is interesting. And revenge is interesting. I’ve said there are two radical ideas that have been introduced into human thought. One of them is that energy and matter are pretty much the same sort of stuff. That’s Einstein. The other is that revenge is a bad idea. It’s an enormously popular idea but, of course, Jesus came along with the radical idea of forgiveness. That was radical. If you’re insulted, you have to square accounts. So this invention by Jesus is as radical as Einstein’s.” —Vonnegut at 80Nuvo)

Thanks for the link, Jim. It is very hard to think of forgiveness when faced with images of North Korea’s concentration camps.