Copyright Ruling is a Ripoff of Consumers

“Walt Disney understood the value of the public domain, and used it precisely as other great artists had done. He updated an out-of-copyright character to create Mickey Mouse, for example, and launched an empire. The company he founded later used writer Victor Hugo’s work, which was also no longer owned by anyone, to create a cartoon based on the Hunchback of Notre Dame saga. The Disney animators had every right to build new works on old ones — and the public also got the benefit. Try the same thing with Mickey Mouse and you’ll be hauled into court faster than you can say ‘Goofy.’ The court’s 7-2 ruling betrayed some judicial discomfort, observing that Congress has the power to do ‘arguably unwise” things. Get ready for more unwise acts, in that case.” Dan GilmorCopyright Ruling is a Ripoff of