Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Reaches its 100,000th Article

“Wikipedia ( ), a community-built multilingual encyclopedia, is announcing that the English edition of the project has reached a milestone of 100,000 articles in development…. Wikipedia is a public WikiWikiWeb, a website where anyone can edit any article at any time. Users build upon each other’s edits, and vandalized articles are quickly repaired by restoring an older version. In Wikipedia’s second year, thousands of volunteer editors from around the world have added 80,000 entries to the English version and 33,000 more to the other language editions of Wikipedia. This surge in growth has made Wikipedia the world’s largest and fastest growing open content encyclopedia and the largest WikiWikiWeb.” —Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Reaches its 100,000th

Inspired by Wikipedia, in July of 2002, I launched a collaborative open-content Glossary of Interactive Fiction, which seems to have plateaued at about 180 or so terms. Anyone is free to suggest or revise an entry.