The Hoard

I built a bloated icebox made to store
my ripe ingredients. Its shelves are crammed
with shrunken tentacles, and scalps are jammed
beside the vats of larva, pulp, and gore.
The handle’s slick. It’s hard to shut the door
against the swelling mold. It must be slammed.
This foul refrigerator of the damned
will always stretch to hold a little more.

The fearful call this fridge a gate to Hell,
the brave can’t wait to stick their heads inside,
my neighbors can’t endure the rancid smell
and wonder what the sticky magnets hide.
But now it’s time to bid you, friends, farewell,
and save the nutrients your skins provide.
Jacie Ragan

The HoardGorelets: Refrigerator of the Damned)

“The Refrigerator of the Dammed” lets you play with virtual tiles (refrigerator magnets) on a horror theme. Part of Gorelets.