'Sims Online' Gives Creators a Painful Reality Check

“But after being heralded on the cover of Newsweek and on ’60 Minutes,’ the $25-million ‘Sims Online’ has turned into an expensive letdown for Redwood City, Calif.-based EA. Sales are sluggish, reviews have been merciless, and many in the video game industry wonder whether online games will ever find a large following.” Alex Pham‘Sims Online’ Gives Creators a Painful Reality CheckLA Times)

A Slashdot poster sums it up well: “With The Sims Online, you basically end up with a graphical chat room. The tasks you perform are repetitive and dull. Each involves clicking on something and staring at the screen until that task finishes or your happiness levels go down far enough to finish it for you. Fix that up, rinse and repeat. All in all, the game ends up being a glorified IRC chat room that you pay for.” And this is the next big thing in gaming?