How I Joined Teach for America and Got Sued for $20 Million

“By the time school opened, I was thrilled to start molding the brains of my children. My optimism and naiveté evaporated within hours…. Raynard had told [his mother] that I had violently shoved him in the chest out the door of my classroom, injuring his head and back. His mother had dialed 911 and summoned the cops and the fire department. Two months later, Raynard?s mother filed a $20 million lawsuit against the school district, Ms. Savoy, and myself?and the D.C. police charged me with a misdemeanor count of simple assault against my former student. Thus ended my first and last year as a public school teacher.” Joshnua KaplowitzHow I Joined Teach for America and Got Sued for $20 MillionCity Journal)

This story just made me sick.