Note to Self

The next time you publish a timely magazine article that gets mentioned by a lot of webloggers during the same week that you accept a new job, resist the urge to celebrate by sending out for Papa John’s pepperoni pizza and getting laid up for three days with a bad case of food poisoning.

My wife got sick a day earlier, but we didn’t connect it to the pizza at the time. I stayed home from work on Thursday in order to take care of her and the kids. My son Peter and I had some more pizza for supper, and by bedtime he was pooping and throwing up all over the bed and I was enjoying the same experience downstairs. It was really quite horrible, knowing that Leigh was still sick, and knowing that Peter was freaking out from being so ill, Carolyn was crying because she was hungry, teething, and, well, just because she is a baby.

OK, that’s enough details. –DGJNote to SelfLiteracy Weblog)