Protecting Google Brand "Tricky Business"

“Hence its note to Word Spy, an online dictionary that compiles and defines new words popping up in the media. At issue is this Word Spy entry: ‘google (GOO.gul) v. To search for information on the Web, particularly by using the Google search engine; to search the Web for information related to a new or potential girlfriend or boyfriend.’ | Google lawyers sent the site’s editor a letter (portions of which were later posted to an online discussion board) saying that it wants ‘to make sure that when people use “Google,” they are referring to the services our company provides and not to Internet searching in general.'” [My wife insists on sending me to the store for such items as Kleenex, Tylenol, Kool-Aid, and Band-Aids. Sometimes she wants me to purchase the cheaper store brand instead, and sometimes she insists that she really wanted the brand name she specified. If your office copier is not a Xerox but a Canon, do you canonize copies? Thanks for the link, Mike.–DGJ] —Protecting Google Brand “Tricky Business”Boston Internet)