SCI FI Names Galactica Leads

“The SCI FI Channel has cast the key roles of Starbuck and Apollo for its upcoming original miniseries Battlestar Galactica, based on the 1978-’80 TV series. Oregon native Katee Sackhoff (Halloween Resurrection), 22, will play a female Starbuck in executive producer Ronald D. Moore’s reimagination of the series, SCI FI announced.|Meanwhile, British actor Jamie Bamber (HBO’s Band of Brothers), 29, will play Apollo. In the original series Starbuck was a…

Best Web Sites on Capitol Hill

“The Congress Online Project will release its 2003 report about congressional Web sites on Monday, March 3. This report names the winners of the Congress Online Gold, Silver, and Bronze Mouse Awards and provides guidance to congressional offices on how to improve their own Web sites. We don’t want to give away any secrets until the release, but we’re certain you’ll be surprised by our findings…” —Best Web Sites on…


Rosemary Frezza wants to make sure Literacy Weblog readers get their Peeps fixes: Lord of the Peeps (just what it sounds like — Middle Earth with Peeps), PeepHenge (work it out) and Captain Kirk chatting up a green dancer in Star Trek Peeps.PeepsE-Mail)

Ashcroft Makes Federal Cases Hither and Yon

“Ashcroft has assigned two attorneys to investigate the case of a Texas Tech University student who is miffed that Professor Michael Dini required biology students seeking his recommendation to get an A in his class, know him well and – here’s the rub -‘affirm’ that there is a scientific answer to the question of how the human species originated.” Marie Cocco —Ashcroft Makes Federal Cases Hither and YonNewsday)