SCI FI Names Galactica Leads

“The SCI FI Channel has cast the key roles of Starbuck and Apollo for its upcoming original miniseries Battlestar Galactica, based on the 1978-’80 TV series. Oregon native Katee Sackhoff (Halloween Resurrection), 22, will play a female Starbuck in executive producer Ronald D. Moore’s reimagination of the series, SCI FI announced.|Meanwhile, British actor Jamie Bamber (HBO’s Band of Brothers), 29, will play Apollo. In the original series Starbuck was a male character played by Dirk Benedict, while Apollo was played by Richard Hatch.|The four-hour Galactica miniseries, from Roswell and Star Trek The Next Generation veteran Moore, is slated to debut later this year.” —SCI FI Names Galactica LeadsSciFi Wire)

Ah, those bushy manes from the 1979 show.

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