Catching Up on the War

I’ve been cut off from the Internet almost all week, sadly reduced to switching between CNN and FOX to get differing views of the war. That’s nothing like what I’ve gotten in the last few hours I’ve been skimming the blogosphere. CNN and FOX never comment on each other.

On FOX, Ollie North’s account of watching the helicopter crash that killed 4 Americans and 8 Brits was quite moving. The video footage of the US soldier cutting down the picture of Saddam Hussein, and the Iraqi guy bopping the beloved leader on his nose with his sandal, was priceless, though I was annoyed by the clownish Steve Doocey’s smirking weather reports and his pointing out, seemingly every five minutes, how amazing it was to see live pictures from the war zone.

Over on CNN, Wolf Blitzer looked rather embarassed and foolish ending his reports by reading e-mails from TV viewers, and inviting folks to surf over to “” (why not “/blitzer”?)for the personality-driven infotainment of death (not in those exact words, of course).Catching Up on the WarLiteracy Weblog)