Terms of Disservice [Mailblocks]

“The arrogance of technology companies knows no bounds. Consider the Terms of Service at a new company called Mailblocks, which says it’ll block spam (unsolicited commerical e-mail) for you, for a price that includes not just money but also the right to send you commercial e-mail.”

Note: Dan Gillmor has posted an update/correction from Mailblocks: “This was boilerplate we got from attorneys many months ago, and was supposed to be replaced at launch.” —Terms of Disservice [Mailblocks]Dan Glimor)

Paying for a spam-blocking service and then giving it the right to spam your mailbox is absolutely stupid. If it were free, well maybe it would be worthwhile to clear the clutter from your in-box and limit your spam to a few topics of your choosing…. but using the service described above is like paying for thugs to beat you up. I didn’t see this little detail trumpeted in the company press releases.