Who's 14, 'Kewl' and Flirty Online? A 39-Year-Old Detective

“Detective Smith — who calls himself a ‘Starbucks, Barnes & Noble kind of guy’ — has become something of an expert in early teenagedom, and he has done so without the benefit of having offspring of the appropriate age. He ventures into cyberspace under some 30 different screen names, mostly as girls, each with her own personality, looks and even bra size…” Shaila K. Dewan

Who’s 14, ‘Kewl’ and Flirty Online? A 39-Year-Old DetectiveNY Times)

Interesting… the NY Times is starting to include advertisements in its printer-friendly versions of articles, which I always link to in order to spare readers from the usual online advertisements. In this case, the ad is sponsored by Starbucks. I wonder if the ads are assigned automatically, based on the content of the article? What if this were a report of a crime committed at Starbucks?