anonymous readers aren't so anonymous

“Are you out there Dennis Jerz? Are you reading this? Are you keeping track of me? I kind of hope not…it’s weird to know that my anonymous readers aren’t so anonymous. But if you are, that’s OK too.” [Anonymous Blogger]

anonymous readers aren’t so anonymous

A UWEC student who keeps a weblog is blown away by the fact that I recognized her and said hello yesterday. I found her weblog because I regularly search for links to pages on the UWEC site, since that’s an easy way to tell whether soneone has linked to one of my pages. In an article I recently submitted, I wrote about how I felt when, as an elementary school student, I ran into my teacher in the grocery store. Two worlds that had been completely separate were suddenly colliding, and I was momentarily stunned. Sorry if I freaked you out, [Student].

On a related note, Jill sparked a recent run of blog posts on the personal nature of blogging… Steve does a good job blogging some of the reaction.

Update, 21 June 2006. The blogger who had blogged about how I recognized her in person just contacted me and asked me to remove her name and the link to her blog. I’ve done so. (I didn’t check to see whether she removed the blog entry she wrote about me.)