Why Do Colleges Build Dormitories? And Teach Half-Time?

“The one thing that everyone who has studied college education can agree on is that students learn more when they work in groups. Yet colleges don’t build infrastructure to support this. A university will spend hundreds of $millions on dormitories, i.e., places for students to drink beer and sleep together. Why is there is no budget for cubicle farms where students in the same major could do their homework together,…

Shuttle Doomed at Takeoff

“Investigators now have the strongest evidence yet that the space shuttle Columbia’s left wing was critically punctured during liftoff, when falling debris started the fatal chain of events that led to the breakup of the shuttle when it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere…” —Shuttle Doomed at TakeoffABC News)


Ethics of Paper’s Fake Arson Story Debated

“King County prosecutors and sheriff’s detectives asked the editors at the Eastside Journal, now called the King County Journal, to run a fake story about a staged arson to make Sherer believe an accomplice had carried out his plans. The newspaper complied.” —Ethics of Paper’s Fake Arson Story Debated Seattle Times) Woah! When does the paper’s responsibility to the community include publishing a lie? This is troubling. But this isn’t…