Greetings From a Previous Student

When I found this in my in box it made my day. It’s a report from a former student who is now a techical writer:

“Recently, one of your articles came up in my department at Unisys. Each month, my colleagues across the country and I receive a departmental ‘e-zine’ that includes links to technical communication Web sites of interest. This month, the e-zine included a link to the article that you and Jessica Bauer wrote called “Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips.” I remember how much emphasis you placed on writing good e-mails, and the article was an excellent refresher for me. Also, it’s fun to be able to tell my coworkers in the department that this article was written by my former professor at my alma mater. Aside from the article’s origination just being a fun coincidence, it also gives UWEC and my degree even more credibility in colleagues’ eyes.”Greetings From a Previous StudentE-Mail)