Lawmakers: It's Open Season on Spam

“The first federal antispam bill was introduced in 1997, and after six years of closed-door wrangling and repeated delays, Congress still has not acted. But consumer outrage and complaints from legitimate businesses have been keeping pace with the growth of bulk e-mail. Now it’s open season on spam in Washington.”Dellan McCullagh

Lawmakers: It’s Open Season on

While I get spam all the time, I just recently got one from a local business, so I reported it (politely) to the guy’s service provider. It seems to me that a politician who would like to court the family values types who want to protect their innocent children from the evils of the Internet and also win support from the technoweenies who want to keep vultures and leeches from making money by nibbling away at our valuable time and attention on line would be smart to line up behind anti-spam regulations. Why has it taken so long, and is it just a way for politicians to appear hip to the new technology?