For Kids, Media Convergence Just Seems Natural

“For more than a decade, the consumer electronics and technology industries have awaited the collision of media that would bring television, the computer, the video-game console and the stereo into one tidy convergence box.|Turns out, we’ve been looking in the wrong place. Convergence has already happened — inside the minds of kids who’ve grown up with both crayons and computer mice in their hands.” Dawn C. Chmielewski

For Kids, Media Convergence Just Seems NaturalMercury News)

When my son Peter was three, he came downstairs from his nap and found me playing an old copy of X Wing vs. Tie Fighter, and was entranced. When you chase an enemy fighter, you match speed by pressing the “enter” key. A few months later, we were playing tag at a social gathering, and when he got worried I was about to catch him, he turned around, punched an imaginary key, and shouted, “Enter! Enter!”