She's a Flight Risk: To Flee… Or Not to Flee… To Tell… or Not to Tell…

“I suppose from my perspective I don’t really care what people think. If I say it’s not fiction, then that’s just part of the hoax. If I say it is, I’m just covering up to stay safe (both of these possibilities have been suggested). If I don’t give details it’s because this is an elaborate ruse. If I do then I’m an idiot for being so reckless (though this entire post-it-to-the-web endeavor is reckless).|I can’t keep everyone happy, so I’ll just write- as I have been. As for you, I don’t know. Just read? Love, hate, enjoy, despise… whatever suits your fancy.” “Isabella

She’s a Flight Risk: To Flee… Or Not to Flee… To Tell… or Not to Tell…She’s a Flight Risk)

Here’s how this literary faux blog began:

“On March 2, 2003 at 4:12 pm, I disappeared. | My name is isabella v. | I’m twentysomething and I am an international fugitive. | My name is isabella v. But it isn’t.”

A pretty good read… it’s obviously not a “real” weblog, because the long prose chunks are too well-digested to have been written in one sitting (though the blogger does suggest that these long chunks are excerpts from an existing work). Still, it’s an amusing read.