Struggle, Support, Sheepskin: Oral Lee Brown's 1st-graders Reach for Finish Line

“In 1987, Brown told Hunter and two dozen other first-graders at Brookfield Elementary School that she would put them through college if they graduated from high school. Four years ago, most of them did, with 19 enrolling in college.

On Saturday, Hunter became the first person in her family — and the first from that first-grade class — to earn a college degree, a bachelor’s in accounting from Alcorn State University. And Hunter’s beloved Miss Brown was there to see it…” —Struggle, Support, Sheepskin: Oral Lee Brown’s 1st-graders Reach for Finish Line (SF Gate)

I’ve often blogged my complaints about the system that prepares my incoming freshmen, so its only fair to mention when somebody is doing something right.

Oral Lee Brown is a hero in my book — I’d much rather hear her opinion on any subject under the sun, instead of listening to random music stars, supermodels, actors, sports figures, or talk show hosts.