Forget Sci-Fi and Guns — The Matrix is Really about Religion

“Yes, Neo has to save humankind. Yes, it is a job for the mind over computer-simulated matter. And yes, he is Jesus….There is no end to the biblical parallels that have been found. There are names like Trinity and Zion. There is a baptism and a betrayal. After a while though, the parallels start to get rather debatable, and more to the point nerdish.|But where the jury is really out is on the spiritual message of the film. What does The Matrix ‘believe’?” Steven TomkinsForget Sci-Fi and Guns — The Matrix is Really about Religion  (BBC)

Reviews of The Matrix Reloaded have been underwhelming, so I’ll probably wait until it comes out on video. Lately I’ve only been motivated to get a sitter for the Lord of the Rings movies.

Update: This quote from the Wired review says all I need to hear: “It looks more like a high-end video game than a grandly cinematic kung fu battle. It’d be a blast to play, no doubt. But it isn’t all that fun to watch.”