Adapting Blog Technologies to Corporate e-Newsletters

“Often, when information goes through a formal marketing or PR process, the end result is an attractive, expensive, stale, diluted document written in corporate speak. This result is generally due to the processes that evolved to accommodate the costs and standards of print technology, rather than to the incompetence or malevolence of corporate communicators. The edge, the authenticity, and the voice of the professional speaking to his fellow professionals is lost.|Blogs offer the human voice that can be loud, controversial, and even wacky.” Todd BreheAdapting Blog Technologies to Corporate e-Newsletters (Opt-In News)

Blogging is the new black, as they say in the fashion world. But I praise anyone who criticizes “corporate speak, ” even though I think the problem is that administrators write to impress other administrators, just as geeks design for geeks, and small fuzzy creatures from Alpha Centauri flollop for small fuzzy creatures from Alpha Centauri.

Speaking of market-speak: I enjoyed the MetaFilter fisking of the BlogTalk website.