Blog Eats Blog

“As technological utopians, they believe that everything will be for the best in the best of all possible worlds, if technology is modelled on the American dream and the American way. And as opinion formers, they claim no formal power base, operating instead by linking exhaustively to one another.|Fortunately for them, in the hyperlinked world it is not necessary to airbrush dissenters out of the group photograph. You can simply wait for Google’s PageRank to promote the ideas the A-list find acceptable and linkworthy to the top of the page, while the websites of apostates disappear below the fold and out of history.” Bill Thompson continues the anti-blogging backlash, which seems to be gaining momentum.

Blog Eats Blog (Spiked Online)

Thompson suggests the term “blogeoisie” (bloj-wah-zee) to refer to the A-list bloggers whose favor (and linkage) rules the blogosphere.