Worse than a Plagiarist.. a SPAMMING Plagiarist!

I posted this Friday to KairosNews:

Several years ago, a student in one of my tech writing classes needed a bit of extra credit, so I asked her to write up a set of tips on e-mail etiquette. I’ve modified and expanded it since then, and now it’s one of the most popular pages on my website. Today I found that an e-mail marketing company has reproduced the text of that handout, re-branded it, changed the title, removed our names from the top, and left them in very small type at the bottom.|I’m flattered, of course… and it’s not actually plagiarism — though I certainly feel my intellectual property is being misused. What should I do? What would YOU do?

–Worse than a Plagiarist.. a SPAMMING Plagiarist! (KairosNews)

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