BloggerCon — Harvard, October 2003

“I’m looking for people who support people who use weblogs, in a context that is not about weblogs, if possible. For example, a history class where each student keeps a weblog. Teachers who manage classes with a weblog. My goal of course is to learn from them, and then figure out what the next steps are. What do they need from other educators. What software is missing? We’ve already got some famous universities, I want to get connected with some not-so-famous universities. Who is leading in use of weblogs in education? Who do you look to for insight and inspiration? That’s who I want for BloggerCon.” Dave WinerBloggerCon — Harvard, October 2003Scripting News)

The response was a little snarky when I cross-posted this news to KairosNews, which is, of course, why blogging is so much fun.