Google Toolbar 'BlogThis!' Disappoints Fans

“Google Inc., want to know how to compete with Microsoft? Endear yourself to us all. Listen to the likes of us the little people of the Internet. Make the toolbar cross-platform and you will endear yourself to all of us. Change the ‘BlogThis!’ to enable us to blog to whatever blog tools we use. When Microsoft pushes us all into using a Microsoft Operating System, the Microsoft Search Engine, the Microsoft Word Processor, the Microsoft Weblog Tool, the Microsoft Password System, and the Microsoft Telephone through which we blog to our Microsoft Blogging site, we (all us bloggers, the 3 million of us and the other 10 million who are taking up blogging in the near future) will use the Google Search Engine that has cross-platform support to all the blogging companies.” Elwyn JenkinsGoogle Toolbar ‘BlogThis!’ Disappoints Fans (Microdoc News)