Hormel's pique e-rupts over Spam mail

“For years, Hormel Foods Corp. has watched as the name of its famous product has come to mean junk e-mail, a source of heartburn for computer users. | Now Hormel is asserting its trademark rights, filing complaints against Spam Arrest LLC, a Seattle technology company that provides spam-blocking software.” Jonathan Krim
Hormel’s pique e-rupts over Spam mail (Star Tribune)

When given the choice between two slices of bread stuffed full of Spam ™ and an in-box suffed full of spam, I’m slightly inclined to choose the mysterious meat mass (which has over the years pretty much stayed the same, in terms of horror-generating potential) over the maddening mass mail (which gets worse every year).

You’d think that Hormel would be glad that e-mail spam is despised so much.