Eon of Tears [Biblical Role-playing Game]

“The main concept behind Eon of Tears is that the player will get a shot at the biggest events in the Bible: unleashing the ten plagues of Egypt, seeing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha, leading the conquest of Canaan, or performing some of the miracles as Jesus-Christ. Basically we are taking a look at the different theories regarding some of those events and we try to answer the ‘What if?’ question, wrapping everything in a coherent gaming experience. Fantasy is a huge part of it. For example, how were Sodom and Gomorrha destroyed? Our answer on that is?you?ll see in the upcoming playable demo . But there‘smore to it than a volcanic explosion or a simplistic ‘sinners will be punished!’. ” Dominic ArsenaultEon of Tears [Biblical Role-playing Game] (RPG Radar)

So… will this game feature a “God” mode? If so, we’d all better get new keyboards with a “smite” key.