E-Mail Mobs Materialize All Over

“Set to gather at 7 p.m. at Grand Central Station for what promised to be an elaborate ‘mob ballet,’ the crowd of about 250 was greeted by a ‘huge’ police presence, according to the Mob Project’s anonymous organizer known only as Bill. | Bill said the mob moved to the Grand Hyatt next door instead. The crowd walked quietly upstairs to the hotel’s mezzanine and gathered shoulder-to-shoulder around the balcony. ‘At 7:12, we burst into thunderous, screaming applause for 15 seconds, and then dispersed, just as police cars came screaming around the corner to where we were,’ said Bill. ‘It was fabulous.'” Leander KahneyE-Mail Mobs Materialize All Over (Wired)

The reporter’s main source for this article is “Bill”. Why not interview some of the staff at the hotel where the mob appeared, or ask one of the police officers to comment?