Greetings Earthlings: Eating at Cafe ISS

“Next to the table is our water dispenser, which has a tap for warm water and hot water. That’s right, no cold water. If you want a cold drink, you need to prepare the drink, then leave it for a while in one of the colder locations on ISS. It will never get really cold, so the next really cold drink I have will be when I get back to the ground! You get used to having warm drinks though, and it really isn’t a problem. Speaking of which, we don’t have a refrigerator up here either, so all of our food is canned, dehydrated, or otherwise packaged so it doesn’t need refrigeration. So of course this means no fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. That also means we can’t keep leftovers!” ISS Science Officer Ed LuGreetings Earthlings: Eating at Cafe ISS (NASA)

Not quite a blog, but a collection of letters about life on the International Space Station.