Study: Gamers Not Reculsive Nerds

College gamers are not necessarily male — or antisocial hermits. And while about one-third of those surveyed admitted playing computer games during class, the games generally don’t conflict with their studies, says the researcher who conducted the survey for the Pew Internet & American Life Project. —Study: Gamers Not Reculsive Nerds (Wired)

The full report is “Gaming technology and entertainment among college students.”

A sad finding:

College student gamers’ reported hours studying per week match up closely with those reported by college students in general, with about two-thirds (62%) reporting that they study for classes no more than 7 hours per week, and 15% reported studying 12 or more hours per week.

That means that 2/3 of college students spend half as much time on homework as they spend sitting in their classrooms.