The Internet Is Shit

“It is vitally important that we all realize this and move on. People (eg Bloggers) go on and on about how wonderful it is. About how much information is out there in cyberspace. About the way that everything is within reach in just a few clicks of their mice.”
The Internet Is Shit

Eh. This site doesn’t do much for me. Move on? To what?

Bloggers know full well that the Internet has a lot of junk on it. And one of the services blogs offer to the general public is critical annotations that separate the wheat from the chaff. And a whole genre of blogs (the online diary genre) has little if anything to do with “information”. Whoever wrote this site seems upset at what the marketers and PR flaks of the dot-com era had to say about the Internet.

If I weren’t tired right now, I would create a series of spoof websites:

  • “The printing press is shit. (Because hand-written manuscripts are so much better.)”
  • “Writing is shit. (Because oral communication is so much better.)”
  • “Fire is shit. (Because huddling together in the dark enjoying the taste of raw meat is so much better.)”
  • “Shitting is shit. (Because wallowing in it is so much better.)”

Well. That little outburst of mine will probably get my blog banned at public libraries across middle America.