Moblogs Seen as a Crystal Ball for a New Era in Online Journalism

“[S]ending still pictures from cameraphones to Weblogs is almost ‘no big deal’ among teenagers in Tokyo, Helsinki, London, Rio de Janeiro. However, instantaneous street video of world-class breaking news beamed directly to the Web has yet to occur.|A pivotal moment like this, balanced on the inflection point between the deskbound regime of the PC era and the necessarily more fluid and untethered mobile-and-pervasive era, is the perfect time to ask…

Conned Big Time

“The bottom line is that someone has been running a con on me for 20 some years and I fell for it like a little old lady in a pigeon drop scheme. I’ve spent the last two hours going through the database of Capitol Hill Blue stories and removing any that were based on information from Wilkinson (or whoever he is). I’ve also removed his name, quotes and claims from…

Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Milennials (via KairosNews)

“What do we know about today’s ‘new students’? Perhaps most obviously, we know that these students have been heavily influenced by information technology.” Diana Oblinger —Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Milennials (via KairosNews)Educause Review) The article referenced was pulished as a .pdf document, so I won’t bother to transcribe a longer excerpt and post it here. The link above takes you to a summary of the main points.

The 5k Awards

“The 5k recognizes the roles that constraints play in creativity and discipline in craftsmanship. Please make beautiful things!” —The 5k Awards ( 5k websites, sorted according to rating. Plenty of minimalist games. Thanks, Rosemary.

'Kill the President' E-Mail Sparks Probe

“A political science instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College is being investigated by the Secret Service for telling his students to compose an e- mail to an elected official that included the words ‘kill the president, kill the president,’ a school administrator said Wednesday.” —‘Kill the President’ E-Mail Sparks Probe (SF Gate) Google tells me that the instructor, Michael Ballou, maintains an activist web page for adjuncts (part-time faculty members who…