Harvard Takes Back Hornstine Admission

“Harvard has revoked its admission of Blair Hornstine, the prospective member of the Class of 2007 who made national headlines when she sued her school system to ensure she would be her high school‘ssole valedictorian. | Following a widely-publicized report that Hornstine had plagiarized material in articles she wrote for her local paper, the Harvard admissions office has rescinded her offer to attend Harvard in the fall…”
Harvard Takes Back Hornstine Admission (The Harvard Crimson)

When I first blogged the Hornstine lawsuit, I suggested that Harvard might issue her a challenge that forced her to grow up. This wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about, but she’ll remember this lesson. (Assuming she doesn’t sue to get Harvard to accept her anyway.)

Update: 16 July. The Blair Hornstine Project contextualizes, excerpts from, and archives many of the documents in this very unfortunate case. I hope future students can learn from it.