1893: More than Fair

“Some claim that games were like this only because that was what the current technology would bear, but I swear that those were still some of the best games ever made, and even today you could make a good one in this genre, which is now old enough to buy alcohol. | Thank heavens someone came along to prove me right. 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery is a text adventure game, and it really brings out the simple elegance of this genre. I am amazed once again how a simple paragraph of descriptive text can show more than any flashy graphics.” Greg Crowe1893: More than Fair (Game Industry News)

This game is getting exposure in the broader gaming community… here’s hoping that more of them discover the contemporary text adventure game scene.

Note: The review contains a reference to a puzzle from Scott Adams’s Adventureland. Here’s Scott Adams telling an hilarious anecdote about the bear puzzle (transcript | MP3).