Game Violence

“After reading this, I don’t see how anybody can be concerned about computer game players axing orcs.” Torill MortensenGame Violence (Thinking With My Fingers)

I’m hoping somebody will jump up and announce that the whole “wimpy guys dress up in camoflage gear and hunt naked women with paintball guns” thing will be exposed as a PR stunt or a performance art project (Snopes says this one is ‘undetermined’ at the moment):

Perhaps more significant is that no business address or phone number is to be found on the Hunting for Bambi site, and several readers who expressed interest in booking a “hunt” have told us their e-mail inquiries to the Hunting for Bambi folks went unanswered. Those are rather odd business practices for a legitimate company looking to book customers at $10,000 a pop.

And will someone tell these guys that in the movie, “Bambi” was a male deer?

Update: 17 July. I looked more closely at the website, which is pretty obviously geared towards selling videos that are pretty obviously staged. How low can we — as a society — go?

Update: 22 July. Snopes now classifies the Bambi story as “false.”