Is Yavistawinkoture! the Winning Search Forumla?

“Yahoo! are integrating their services much more than Google — not only can you move from one service to the next withough inputting the search term again, but also the new dictionary service. In the query box type define egregious and you obtain a result from the American Heritage Dictionary a definition, plus you also get web results directly under using that term. Want to move from one service to another, you type in the word Mail! with the exclamation mark and you are immediately transported to that service.” —Is Yavistawinkoture! the Winning Search Forumla? (Microdoc News)

Look out, everyone… with instant messaging leading the way and Yahoo forging new ground, we may be witnessing the return of the command line!

P.S. That funny-looking word in the title above is a combination of Yahoo, Alta Vista, Windows, Inktomi and Overture. How about “YahaltaWinktover!” instead?

P.P.S. Microdoc has redesigned his site. Nicely done.