Lord of the Flies

“Lord willing, AOL stock would rise high enough that Colburn would make enough to donate $1 million to the rabbis, with plenty to spare. The stock was a pretty sure bet. The way AOL’s stock was ticking up, up and away, reaching beyond $90 a share that December, he didn’t exactly need God’s help.|Then again, why take chances?|One rabbi, however, wasn’t completely sold on the deal. |Apparently sensing that Colburn was open to further negotiations, the rabbi offered a counterproposal. He said he would pray for AOL’s stock to rise only if Colburn started showing up at synagogue.” Alec Klein
Lord of the Flies (WashPost (registration))

Long excerpt of a book on AOL. Good reading, though I can’t say I cared for the clunky passage that informs me that the above scene “was a stunning moment.” I was already stunned — there was no need to informe me what I was supposed to feel.