Bloggers Won't Match Limbaugh

“Rush is almost always armed for his shows with reams of data and analysis from a wide variety of news and information sources. His commentaries indicate that he has actually read his sources, thought about their meaning, and prepared his own in-depth analyses before trying to persuade audience members during his three on-air hours each day. | By comparison, many bloggers? preparations for their stream-of-consciousness commentaries seem limited to reading the ruminations of other bloggers and scanning Internet news. Because some bloggers, even prominent ones, spend so much time writing throughout the entire day, they don’t research their own ideas well enough to be persuasive.” David HillBloggers Won’t Match Limbaugh (The Hill)

Hmm… Rush Limbaugh is a personality with a tightly-wrapped message to sell. He’s a full-time professional. Many bloggers are creating their thoughts online — thus, we see them discovering connections and revising their thought processes on the fly. I wonder how much of the above article is old-media wishful thinking, but the comparison between the talk radio revolution of 15 years ago and the blogging revolution of today is worth reading.