Games Close In on Citizen Kane

“Yes, the game business is increasingly reliant on movie licenses and sequels. It is less willing to take big risks, particularly in themes or audiences. But that risk aversion reflects an industry that largely is making fewer, bigger titles with absorbing, often branching narratives, well-written dialogue and much larger budgets — as much as $10 million or more — for audiences of growing maturity and sophistication.|Combine that with the increasing technological proficiency of the current set of gaming consoles and more capable PCs, and what players are getting are games that technically and artistically are starting to realize the true power of an industry Holy Grail — the interactive movie.” Suneel RatanGames Close In on Citizen Kane  (Wired)

I think it’s sadly limiting to discuss computer games in terms of how well they emulate cinema. We have to pull our terminology from somewhere, of course.