The New Diamond Age

Weingarten shifts uncomfortably in his chair and stares at the glittering gems on his dining room table. “Unless they can be detected,” he says, “these stones will bankrupt the industry.” —The New Diamond Age (Wired) Long but interesting deconstruction of the diamond industry. See also “Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?“

Dead Woman Told to Tidy Grave

A letter has been sent to a woman who died three years ago ordering her to tidy up her own memorial plaque. Leeds City Council mistakenly gave Moira Thoms 14 days to remove two vases, each containing a single white rose, from around the plaque at Lawnswood Cemetery where her ashes are scattered. —Dead Woman Told to Tidy Grave (BBC) Is this part of some twisted government project designed to identify…

Confessions of a Baggage Screener

“One of the younger guys had been a prison guard and thought this would be less demanding; another was finishing a computer science degree and needed a part-time job in his Queens neighborhood. The military man listened to the rest of us and declared, ‘I wanted to serve my country.’” Beth Pinsker —Confessions of a Baggage Screener (Wired) God bless quiet heroes.

What is a UK Online Centre?

UK online centres are for people who have limited or no access to skills in using new technologies. The centres will help people to develop the skills to use the Internet to access information, send email using a PC, mobile phone, digital television or games console; (please note not all centres will have the same facilities), and explore the opportunities that new technologies offer such as for further learning and…

Breadcrumb Navigation: Further Investigation of Usage

“The purpose of this study is to further investigate breadcrumb usage by evaluating the following research questions: Do users choose to use breadcrumbs as a navigational tool? Does breadcrumb usage improve navigational efficiency? Does the location of the breadcrumb trail on a page effect usage? Does a breadcrumb trail aid the user’s mental model of the site structure? Rogers and Chaparro —Breadcrumb Navigation: Further Investigation of Usage (Usability News) The answer…