Creative Computing: Where poetry and programming make a new art

“Art and technology mean essentially the same thing,? says Montfort,” explaining that, contrary to his interviewer’s suggestion, poetry and computer science do go together. “Go back to the Latin ars and the Greek tekhne — both refer to ways of doing things that aren’t in nature already. In new media, the computer is being employed as a means for creating arts. So art and technology are not opposing threads. When you study a poem, do you consider sound or sense? Well, you consider both. It’s not a question of there being one of those elements that’s not important. It’s the ways in which they work together.” —Creative Computing: Where poetry and programming make a new art (Boston University Alumni Web)

Bari Walsh offers a nice write-up of Nick Montfort, a Ph.D. student whose scholarly and creative work I admire. I look forward to reading his Twisty Little Passages. Meanwhile, The Exhaustion of Libraries was a pleasant alphabetical treat.

I do wish the sharp-eyed designer who created BU alumni magazine’s website didn’t rely upon fixed-pitch type — those letters are just too small for me to read.